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Les cours distanciels de Ming Hui School Europe sont organisés et coordonnés par l'Association 1901 Ming Hui School Europe. En partenariat avec Ming Hui School US, qui accumule 16 ans d'expériences, nos cours distanciels européens on débuté en April 2021. 

Les cours distanciels permettant de franchir les frontières des pays européens sont pour objectif d'offrir une éducation péri-scolaire de qualité aux familles chinoises en Europe  with top-quality online education in subjects such as Chinese language, Chinese traditional culture, and a broad range of artistic endeavours. The Ming Hui School’s teaching concept highlights traditional values, which include virtues such as benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and faith – the cornerstones of five thousand years of Chinese civilization. Meanwhile, Ming Hui combines the essence of orthodox teaching systems from China and the west. The purpose is to impart the purest knowledge and the most orthodox skills to young people in Europe: primarily to Chinese children, but also to young people and adults of European origin. In this way, westerners can also come to appreciate the profound wisdoms of Chinese tradition during the learning process, inspiring their philosophical insight and their understanding of life.

Based on Ming Hui’s teaching concept, Ming Hui School Europe selects teachers from all over the world. Ming Hui educators have rich teaching experience, and place great emphasis on their self-cultivation. Some of the teachers have won awards in their chosen fields at international competitions. In addition, Ming Hui has a number of caring teaching assistants, who pay close attention to the development of the next generation.

The coordination team at European Ming Hui Online Courses has a wealth of experience in project management, ensuring the efficient and timely completion of learning tasks and projects. The team members are currently working to establish an educational and cultural exchange platform that prioritizes the physical and mental health of each student. 




Minghui School Europe (MHSE) is a non-profit organization registered in France. If your company or orgnization is interested in becoming our partner, welcome to contact us by email.


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